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Quality control testing

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Excellence and Expertise in Analytical Services

MS Pharma has become part of Neopharm Labs

Neopharm Labs Inc., a leading full-service analytical laboratory established in Quebec serving the pharmaceutical industry, announces the acquisition of MS Pharma, a company located in Laval, Quebec with an excellent reputation in the market and specialized in Chemical and Microbiological Quality Control Analyses. Neopharm Labs Inc. reaffirms with this acquisition its position as a trusted partner to leaders in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years.


“With MS Pharma's capabilities and expertise, we will have the opportunity to diversify our service offering and increase our geographic coverage. This acquisition allows us to better serve our current clientele and expand our coverage to the cosmetics and nutraceuticals sectors. The integration of MS Pharma strengthens our presence in the market as a leader in the field of analytical services.” Says Yvan Côté, President and General Manager at Neopharm.


“We are proud to join forces with Neopharm Labs,” said Maria Carbone, Director of Operations of MS Pharma. “Guided by our shared values and our desire to continually improve our offering, we will serve our customers with the same level of excellence and professionalism. »

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We offer analytical testing services on disinfectant products in several forms (liquids, gels, vaporizers, etc.) also any raw material required for the manufacturing of these products, Isopropyl Alcohol 99%. Ethyl Alcohol 95%, Benzalkonium Chloride, Triclosan, etc.).


Results obtained rapidly

Licensed dealer


Founded in 2008 by 2 chemists, Ms Pharma prides itself in offering a contract laboratory service for pharmaceutical chemistry, specialised in Mass spectrometry. With over 20 years of experience, our strengths are recognized in the quality control/assurance and production.


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Instrumental and analytical services provided to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceuticals industries.

Quality through experience

Method development and validation services for finished products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).



Storage, management and analysis of sample for long-term, 

accelerated and intermediate stability studies.



We also offer the possibility of sample collection for an additional fee.

Licenses and Certificates

MS Pharma offers a professional, courteous and 'on time' analysis; without compromising the value of service. We own the following licenses and Certificates:

Establishment License from Health Canada

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Dealer License for Cannabis Testing


FDA Certificate of Registration


Using Empowers

Waters system

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